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Trees are an important part of every community, and they sustain the whole ecosystem from going out of balance. That means deforestation is a dillemma, and most of it is caused by us.

According to the Pachamama Alliance, 80% of deforestation is caused by agriculture, also known as farm expansions. Other causes include logging, natural causes such as bushfires, and urbanization, which is making space for cities.

Though this is a big problem, there are other perspectives that we have to keep in mind. Agriculture provides farmers with economic benefits and job opportunities. Lumber companies cut down trees for a living. Others will also argue that urbanization increases the amount of facilities. That means more chances for jobs, education, and medical facilities.

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A tribute to deforestation


Look around, at the buildings, homes and roads.  It’s a lot of land, a large amount, loads.  Read more >>>

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