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Again, it's not just a tree!

Updated: Apr 13

Poem and drawings by Kiersten, 12 years old (Geneva, Switzerland)

I opened my window and saw a pretty, vivid sight.

A perfect day to go for a walk, take in the fresh air and sunlight.

So I headed off to the park, with towering trees, strong and proud.

But when I arrived, I discovered a large suspicious crowd.

Suddenly, I heard a chainsaw instead of melodious birds’ song.

I asked in curiosity, “What’s happening? What’s wrong?”

“They’re replacing the park with an office,” a man said with a sigh.

As he said that, a dark cloud covered the picturesque sky.

I thought, every tree that’s cut down is from a portion of greed.

Do humans think about the planet we need?

A tree holds a home, an oxygen supply,

A labyrinth of roots that keep mountains standing high.

But humans will make a change, they can make it right.

When it comes to our home, they won’t give up without a fight.

But it’s not just the adults, we children can help too!

Kids have made differences, and so can me and you!

So as I walked away from a falling domino-tree,

I made a promise to help the planet, the animals, you, and me.

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