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It's not just a tree!

Updated: Apr 7

Trees are an important part of every community, and they sustain the whole ecosystem from going out of balance. That means deforestation is a dillemma, and most of it is caused by us.

According to the Pachamama Alliance, 80% of deforestation is caused by agriculture, also known as farm expansions. Other causes include logging, natural causes such as bushfires, and urbanization, which is making space for cities.

Though this is a big problem, there are other perspectives that we have to keep in mind. Agriculture provides farmers with economic benefits and job opportunities. Lumber companies cut down trees for a living. Others will also argue that urbanization increases the amount of facilities. That means more chances for jobs, education, and medical facilities.

This affects us because trees provide and are habitats for a range of animals. Habitat loss can lead to the species endangerment, which can result in the food chain going out of balance. Like all plants, trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. They also release moisture, but with the loss of trees, there is less oxygen and more carbon dioxide which increases natural disasters through climate change, and since they release moisture, places with less trees will have a greater tendency for droughts.

This proves that we must fight for the trees, and we can each take steps to help. From organizing tree-planting days to recycling your paper, you are helping all of us, all the animals, the planet, but most importantly, the trees.

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