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Have you noticed that students in schools have lots of cool stationeries and keychains? However, most of these items are either hard to find or ridiculously expensive. This entrepreneurial activity "Crafting with Clay", creates simple products of a reasonable price out of colourful tubs of clay. These products include pencil toppers and name tags, which is ideal for labelling your locker or to use as a keychain. But what’s stopping you from purchasing a similar product from anywhere else? Here you can customize your name tag! "Crafting with Clay" is incredibly environmentally friendly too. Not only that the clay I'm using is biodegradable, but a portion of sales proceeds for each table decor tree goes to planting a tree as well. Thank you for visiting my website and remember: tags, pencil toppers, plus table decor too! Order now and get one or why not a few?

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I would like to thank all of you who bought my products, and also give a special thanks to the following who has bought a table decor tree. Thank you for helping to decrease deforestation!
Mr. John Arthur Palma     Mr. Vicente Irigoyen Sandoval     And others ...

First tree-planting activity inspired by 

with Bacan Elementary School @ Cabatuan, Iloilo, Philippines

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