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A tribute to deforestation

Look around, at the buildings, homes and roads.

It’s a lot of land, a large amount, loads.

But have you ever wondered where we built this all on?

The modern world might look all pros, but there’s more than one con.

Sadly, it’s true that some of the land

Was built where trees used to grandly stand.

Chopping down trees is called deforestation

And it's devastating that it happens in every single nation.

One of the things that deforestation does

Is it destroys homes of animals that we all love.

Important creatures will cease to exist

It’s one of the things we should help fix.

Another result of cutting trees down

Is climate change, which is bad for every city and town.

You see, plants create oxygen, which is what we all breathe.

But with trees decreasing, soon CO2 is what we’ll see.

Carbon dioxide will heat up the planet

There’ll be more natural disasters, so we better save it.

Come on and help, don’t procrastinate

Let’s save our trees before it’s too late.

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