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My inspiration

Written as inspired from the work of Julia Lorraine Hill.

“If you’re the only person left, as long as your hope is committed in action, then hope is alive in the world.”

Bonjour, je m'appelle Julia Lorraine Hill, détentrice du record du monde, artiste, auteure, fondatrice et écologiste.

It started when I went through a car accident. I metamorphosed, realising the importance of the moment and doing whatever I could to make a positive impact on the future. This is why I’m also known as Butterfly. Not long after, I visited a state park where I laid my eyes on magnificent redwood trees. Sadly, only 3% of them were left, since their lumber, bark and burl is really useful.

When a one-thousand year old redwood tree named Luna was going to be chopped down,I felt like I should do something. It had been through both World Wars. It had been through roughly 40 generations. It had been through so much, and they were just going to chop it down. So, I participated in a tree-sit, where I’d stay in the tree until Pacific Lumber agreed to spare it.

EarthFirst!, a tree-sitting organisation supported me along with my parents. They would bring necessities to me and take away my waste while I was living on a platform they had built in the tree. I was grateful, but despite the additional help, it wasn’t without challenges. I stayed up through illness, nature’s forces and as Pacific Lumber tried to force me down.

Finally, they gave in. I had been up there for two years, the longest tree-sit in the world. Après cela, j'ai continué mon chemin en fondant The Circle of Life, une organisation d'éducation environnementale. J'ai également créé des œuvres d'art et écrit des livres basés sur mon expérience.

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